10 Tips On Reducing Your Electricity Bill

So many people wish they didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on electricity bills.  The energy in any home is so vital which means that you’ve got no choice but to pay the bills. It’s very clear to everyone that the electricity bill can be quite expensive and most times would cause a visible difference in your bank account. You can owe this dependency to the fact that you need this energy to power basically everything in your home.  You need your air conditioning to work, heater, kitchen appliances, wall sockets, light bulbs, and so on. After considering these, it’s only natural that you begin to wonder if there are ways to reduce your energy consumption. Reduction in energy consumption as expected translates to a reduction in electricity bills to a large extent.

There are very few people who know that they can reduce their electricity bill to a large extent and it’s not because they live in certain areas or that they have smaller houses. They just know some things that allow them to reduce the amount of energy they use in their home. It’s totally possible for anyone to cut down their electricity bill to a minimum following these tips that’ll be listed below so keep reading. High electricity bills no doubt means you have to deprive yourself of a lot of things because it’s so essential. However, with these tips, you can reduce your energy consumption, save money, and get other important things done with the extra cash.

10 Ways You Can Reduce Your Electricity Bill

  1. Discover Plans Available By Your Electricity Company: Did you know that electricity companies have different options that can help in reducing your electricity bill? Well, now you do. Your local electricity company can offer certain options relating to how you can lower the cost of the energy you use. Basically, there are certain hours of the day called peak hours where the energy you consume costs more. And on the other hand, there are hours of the day when the energy cost you use is lower. Find out these times of use hours and try to work around them and this will help reduce your energy consumption and electricity bill.

Also, there are electricity companies that have low-income discounts available with certain terms and conditions. With this, if you earn a certain amount of money, you can qualify for the discount which can be up to 30% – 40%.

  1. Turn Off Hot Water When Not In Use: This point is really clear but now you just have to be convinced to follow through with it. A lot of people might find it inconvenient but when you turn off your hot water unit, you get to save some percentage of your electricity bill. Leaving your hot water unit turned on even when you’re not using it means that heat will escape and no matter how little it is, it increases your electric bill.
  2. Turn Off Lights: Turning off light when you’re not in the room is a very easy way of reducing your monthly electricity bill. However, many people tend to overlook this thinking it makes no difference. Well, guys, it makes a huge difference when you calculate your electricity bill for the month. It’s very easy to make it a habit to turn off all the lights in the rooms of your house when there’s no one there. Leaving your light bulbs on when it’s clearly not necessary increases energy usage which in turn hikes up your electricity bill.
  3. Regulating Your AC: Regulating the coldness of your air conditioning can help to save the amount of energy you consume in your home. This point is really simple and easy to get used to. Whilst home, the degree should be high enough to make your home cool enough and not unnecessarily high. When you go out during the day, your AC should be at a minimum and certainly not as high as you would have it when you’re home.
  4. Reduce Oven And Dish Washer Use: Constant use of your oven and dishwasher will definitely increase your electricity bill. This might not be something you want to get used to but if you really want to reduce the cost of your electricity bill, then it’s necessary. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t make use of these appliances but you should limit their uses. It’s not so terrible to do the dishes with soap, water, and a sponge most days. And, reducing the use of your oven to maybe once or twice in 2 weeks helps a lot. You’d be surprised at how much your electricity bill will drop in a month.
  5. Unplug Appliances: In order to save energy in your home, you need to start unplugging appliances when they are not in use for example toaster, microwave, and so on. Important appliances like refrigerator and fridge can be left plugged. However, it’s important to turn off and unplug your refrigerator or fridge when it’s cold to a certain level instead of leaving it to keep running. This will certainly consume more energy.
  6. Reduce Washer Load: Reducing the number of clothes you put in the washer during laundry can help you to reduce your electricity bill. First of all, for persons living alone, you can reduce to amount of clothes you put in the washer by washing maybe twice in a week. Secondly, for large families, having one laundry day in a week will help greatly, and making use of the heater in the dryer whilst it’s still warm will also help to reduce energy consumption.
  7. Invest In LED Bulbs: LED bulbs are known to be expensive but if you’re looking to reduce your electricity bill, they’re a good investment. In the long run, you’ll discover that they consume less energy thereby reducing electric bills every month.
  8. Leaving Your Heater On A Minimum: To reduce your electricity bill, you need to learn how to leave your thermostat on a minimum and then take other measures to make your house warmer. There are thermal curtains and blinds you can purchase that are not expensive to make your home warmer. Also, there are weather stripping tricks that you can use to make your home warmer like using rubber guides for doors and foam window seals. The higher your thermostat, the more energy consumed.
  9. Air Drying Your Clothes: Air drying your clothes using hangers is a very easy way to save energy up in your home. There are affordable hangers out there that can take a reasonable amount of clothes in a go. We should also add that air-drying your clothes have amazing benefits too so it’s a win-win situation! Reducing the use of your dryer and air drying your clothes can and will reduce energy spent.

High electricity bills no doubt means you have to deprive yourself of a lot of things because it’s so essential. However, with these tips, you can reduce your energy consumption, save money, and get other important things done with the extra cash. Some of these tips might seem like they’re just too much to handle but at the end of your first month giving them a try, you’ll be amazed at how much money you saved. However, if you no longer want to worry about electricity bills, you need to get the Power Efficiency Guide immediately. Stop relying solely on electricity companies and start generating your own power as soon as possible.

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