Power Efficiency Guide Review – Is it a Scam? Know The Truth!

It is frustrating to know that your life and family depends on the decision of a few seated around a conference table. The constant increase in electricity bills is a significant problem for developed and developing countries who receive flat envelopes with enormous digits signifying their electricity consumption.

Well, The Power Efficiency Guide is a simple solution that is easy to put together and will save you hundreds of dollars on the electricity bill. After reading through this Power efficiency guide review, You will know how to create your own “home power plant” TODAY… cutting down by 60% or more of your electric bill in the next 30 days…

Product Name: Power Efficiency Guide
Author/Creator: Mark Edwards
Price: $49.00
Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days
Official Website: https://powerefficiencyguide4all.com/


What Is The Power Efficiency Guide?

Power Efficiency GuideThe Power Efficiency Guide is an e-book that teaches you how to generate your own power to stop depending on the electricity company. It is a guide that stops you from worrying about what if the power goes out, what if something happens, and it can’t be fixed immediately? This is a complete guide that answers all the what-ifs to a cleaner, safer, and sustainable power alternative you can do on your own.

The Power Efficiency Guide is the ultimate solution to all your power problems. Its affordability means you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on solar panels or any other forms of alternative energy or bother about how your choice affects our environment. The life-changing guide will reduce your utility bill, keep your family safe, and give you full control of how much power you consume.

The Power Efficiency Guide contains a detailed analysis and blueprint on how to make your power plant. This will ensure you are safe in the event of power outages, storms, and most importantly, free from outrageous bills from the power company. This Power Efficiency Guide is an e-book sold for a token, with complete step-by-step detail of all the processes involved in building your power plant.

This Guide by Mark Edwards is everything you need to know about powering your home. It also comes with pictures so that you don’t mistakenly purchase the wrong part and jeopardize the success of your power plant.

Who is Mark Edwards?

Mark EdwardsMark Edwards is a family man living in Memphis, Tennessee, and like me and you; he was solely dependent on the power companies to use the lights, heat, AC, and even the stove until the rather unfortunate incident that saw his family freezing to death during a power outage triggered the idea of getting an alternative power source, which he did.

Unlike most people, he is not a science geek or an electrician. However, after being in the dark and listening to the cries of his children, he knew, he needed an alternative power source to avoid any incident that will put his family at risk again.

The simplicity of the Power Efficiency Guide was borne out of persistence, determination, and the help of his uncle’s alternative energy manual. He had an idea of what he wanted, and this is what you get with the Power Efficiency Guide – a cheap, portable, easy to build, sustainable, quiet, power source for your home.

Mark Edwards is a 56 years old geography teacher that was tired of the actions of the power companies and took matters into his hands to change the situation.

How Does The Power Efficiency Guide Work?

The Power Efficiency Guide uses the Spinning Principle to generate electricity for your use. Some people discredit this guide because of how easy it is. Surely it is very simple and unbelievably very cheap to put together too but the technique employed has been in use for ages, and even automobile industries make use of it.

Edwards Mark has not only deciphered how to generate power but has used simple terms to teach you so that you can also enjoy what almost 90,000 people across the country are too.

So how does it work?

Through continuous spinning, the motor multiples small amounts of energy to form bigger ones capable of powering your home or wherever it is been used. This energy goes in circles, recharging itself to in the process, this is the same process used by electric cars, the spinning wheels produces energy that moves the vehicle. The faster the wheel spins, the quicker the automobile moves, and when the car stops, the excess energy in the wheels is stored in the batteries to start the car for the next journey.

If you have always wondered how electric cars work, this is your time to create something comparable. All you need to do is to follow Edwards Mark’s step-by-step guide in the Power Efficiency Guide that explains the science of this very modest device.


Power Efficiency Guide BonusPower efficiency guide bonus

This guide comes with some pretty mouth-watering bonuses in addition to the very simple over the shoulder approach to enable you to set up your power plant in no time. This well-written book is targeted at people who want to be in charge of their electricity consumption but also want to save money while doing it.

Some interesting bonuses are

  • Reduce energy waste – If your electricity bills are almost causing you to have a panic attack, you need this book. This extensive breakdown shows you how to not only manage and practice energy efficiency but to reduce the amount spent and save money.
  • The Meyer Magnet Motor – this 16-page detail guide gives you the blueprint step-by-step instruction on how to build your all working magnet motor with a complete list of items to get you started. This piece allows you to produce power using a magnet
  • Power from Smith Generator – alternative power also takes us to solar panels and turbines, but this 36 pages bonus not only gives you unknown practical options but one that works and enables you to leverage on other sources to power your home.
  • Electric lighting History – get into the nitty-gritty of electricity generation in this 200-page long guide that describes all the technicalities about electric lighting.

In addition to the above, other bonuses are

  • A 67-page guide of 15 top ways to save money, and it covers everything, not just power. In this book, you will learn to save money on insurance, gas, phone services, car loans, and other utilities in your life.
  • Save money for your family is a 15-page guide that helps families save money to enable them to meet other pressing needs like college funds for the kids or even owning a property.
  • Saving energy, saving the world – wastages are the biggest impact in our world today, and while we think we are doing the best, this 34-page guide will take you through the highs and lows on how to save energy and keep our world safe.
  • Other extras are Go Green save Green by other authors. This guide teaches people who love to become green how to go about it and save money while at it.
  • Finally, we have a 23-page guide on how to build and live in an eco-friendly environment. This section touches on everyday chores, like reducing energy and paper waste, gardening, and many more.

The bonuses are endless; the best part is how Edwards Mark uses images to ensure you get your first power plant up and running without any mistakes.


  • Save big on electricity bills
  • Say goodbye to power failure or problems forever
  • Very easy to follow procedure, Edwards has taken time for a detailed explanation
  • It is power on the go – if you are going camping, vacationing, you have a power generating source that will go with you.
  • The materials for putting it together are found everywhere and even cheaper at department stores and cheaper than other power generating sources
  • It is safe, eco-friendly, noiseless, affordable, secure, and easy to use
  • Powers itself – yes while it powers your home, it also powers itself to keep working without any extra energy source
  • It doesn’t need maintenance – unlike other energy generating sources that need periodic maintenance, this power plant is get-it-done and forget about it. It doesn’t require any, absolutely zero maintaining.
  • Easy to customize – Edwards has given details in the guide, but each section is easily customizable to produce the amount of power to need to run your home or wherever you are efficiently


  • Although it is well-explained, if you don’t like science and equations, it might come off as intimidating
  • Too many chapters to read through
  • The guide is digital and needs a good internet source to access it


Why You Should Purchase the power efficiency guide?

Why shouldn’t you get it? With homes around the country paying huge on electricity bills each month as they are littered with gadgets that need the power to function, it is only wise to have an alternative source that can help you save money. For those of you that will read this review and think solar, air, or water is a better option, think again.

The Power Efficiency Guide is for people that want to cut their energy cost and if that is your sole reason, you have purchased the right book. We will also address the fact that people think it is a scam, yes, for something so cheap, it could easily be, but it is not. If you don’t think so, remember that it is the small things in our world that makes the difference.

Now, this guide might be bulky with plenty of words and pages, it is well-explained and will generate the power you need regardless of how big your house is. The idea of assembling an energy generator is terrifying to many, but Edwards has used his teaching skills to breakdown all the mechanics of this guide into simple and easy steps for anyone to follow.

So if you are ready to cut the energy bills by up to 80 percent, this is the lifesaver you need. Mark Edwards has proven that anyone can generate sustainable power using fundamental items found in their surroundings. It is not expensive, complicated, or dangerous.

With this guide, you never have to worry about been cut off the grid, the rivers overflowing its bank or one weather disaster keeping you in total darkness for weeks or months. The fact is you should get this guide because it separates you from depending on the electricity companies while saving you money.

This guide comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and is on sale for under $50, sign up today and get started on your own power source that will last forever.


Electricity companies all over the globe have for decades imposed tremendous tariffs on electricity supplied to consumers. Even with consistent complaints by the consumers, tariffs still continue to rise.

The Power Efficiency Guide is an alternative for plenty of homeowners, families, and individuals out there that you can create your own energy, and have full control over it. Not only will it save you money, and protect the environment, but it is also safeguarding your future and that of your family.

If you want to save big on the electricity bill, this is the time to try something truly spectacular; the Power Efficiency Guide is your path to a cleaner, cheaper, and safe energy now and in the future. In fact, it promises a 60-day money-back guarantee to anyone who didn’t find it useful, but with over 80,000 users, we are asking you to try this alternative source of power for your household today.